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Hello there,

Below you find a number of services I can offer your business. I can provide your business with essential services it needs to thrive.

Web Solutions

Custom Wordpress Theme Development

Does you business depend on ad revenue generated from traffic to you site? A website just milliseconds slower than the competition can be the difference between who gets seen on Google. No cookie cutter themes here. I build custom themes that achieve great Google PageSpeed Insights scores. Which will increase your overall Google ranking.

Site Migrations

Do you have an existing site you need migrated to Wordpress? No problem! I'll migrate your site over from any CMS and have you up and running in no time.

Demo Sites

Want to keep up with the progress of you site in realtime? No problem. While your site is in development I will provide a demo site link so you can keep an eye on things.

Nightly Backups

Want to keep up with the progress of you site in real-time Never worry about your website crashing a losing all of your data and blog posts. I conduct a nightly backup. So if anything breaks, we can restore your site back to normal with one click.

Professional Branding

Style Guides

Most small businesses underestimate the importance of having a professional clean logo. Which is unfortunate because a logo is your business first introduction to consumers. With us we'll do the research so we could formulate the perfect logo that will pique the interests of your potential customers. But you can't just stop at having a nice looking logo. A professional color scheme with a palete that complements your industry is the next step. Couple that along with a modern clean typograpy and positive results are right around the corner.

Print Marketing

You may be thinking that everything is digital now days, why would I have to consider print marketing. Because looking the part is everything.

Better Search Results

SEO Audit

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Targeted Keyword Research

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SEO Resources

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