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Jameel Evans  |  August 1, 2019


 Custom WordPress Theme

Created a professional custom WordPress Theme for Lead Testing Center. The theme was created with speed and local SEO in mind. The theme features a blazing fast Google PageSpeed, easy one-click social sharing, cutting edge design that drives user interaction and complete mobile-first responsiveness. All of this built-in functionality without the use of excessive site-slowing plugins.

Google PageSpeed Insights

For businesses how rely so heavily on the power of their SEO to bring in local customers page speed is one of the most important things to consider. If your website has a lower page speed than your direct competition, its now more likely to rank below them. This website boasts a 96 mobile Google pageSpeed and a 100 desktop Google pageSpeed. Both of those scores are considered fast and above average.

Lead Testing center Desktop Page Speed
Desktop Google Page Speed
Lead Testing center Mobile Page Speed
Mobile Google Page Speed

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